OSEOUS Cycling Since 1988

“Cycling is just a part of us, but Carbon Fiber Composites is our life.”

Based on 28 years manufacturing of carbon fiber composite, From Tennis Rackets, Bike Components, IT Industry Machine Parts to Medical Equipments, OSEOUS is a young brand of this old carbon company.

“Record-Braking, the element of speed.”

In 1988, the founder, Carlos Tsai applied his patent for his first Carbon Wheels. In 1988-1989, Paula Newbyfraser won twice Ironman World Championship in Hawaii with Carlos’ revolutionary wheels. By the record-braking victory, it was where we learned how to make high speed carbon wheel in professional race.

“Refresh your ride experience.”

As a veteran of Carbon Composites, we’re good at structure design and production. As a young brand of cycling, we believe innovation creates a better future. With those the knowledge, experiences, great passion and faith we have, we are going to redefine your ride experience of cycling.