Where did you make the wheels? A. Made in Taiwan. In our own factory.

Are OSEOUS wheels approved by UCI? A. All 2015 wheels are proved by UCI. NEW Aero 40 and 60 will be approved soon.

How long will it takes if I place an order to the shop? A. It depends, if out of stock, normally takes about 1-2 months.

What do I do if I lost my receipt? A. Please inform the shop you bought the wheels.

Can I directly send my wheels back to OSEOUS Taiwan for checking? A. Please send back to the shop you bought your wheels.

What should I prepare for warranty service? A. Purchased receipt, wheels with brake pads. Remove other parts before packing.

When can I expect to get my wheels back after returning to the distributor? A. OSEOUS will inform your dealer and update you before we repair.

What are the recommended rider weight limits for OSEOUS wheels? A. Carbon wheel: 100kg, Alloy wheel: 110kg.

Can I remove a decal or change the decal color? A. DO NOT remove decal. You will have extra charged without discount.

Is it ok to use levers in removing and mounting tires on OSEOUS wheels? A. Use plastic lever only and mount your tires carefully.

Can I use Alloy brake pad on my OSEOUS Carbon wheels? A. No, please use the attached brake pad.

Can I use other brand’s Carbon brake pad on my OSEOUS Alloy wheels? A. OSEOUS Commuter Series allows other brand’s Carbon brake pad. If the ceramic layer eventually wears out, use general Alloy brake pad to increase the performance.

What are the recommended tire pressure? A. Maximum 125 psi / 8.5 bar (Both CF & AL)

How do I choose the correct tire width? A. Rim width under 23mm: 700Cx20 and 700Cx23. / Rim width above 23mm: 700Cx25.

What is the spoke tension for the wheels? A. Maximum 130kgf.

Can I have all the spoke length and change my spoke by myself? A. Please return to the shop where you bought, our dealer will helps you out.

Can I buy a Ceramic bearing wheels? A.Yes, It’s optional.



Can I change size after I receive it?  A. Please make sure proper size before you buy it.

If I receive a defect product, how can I return and get refund?  If you find out a defect on the product, send us an e-mail with attached picture and we will inform you how to return the goods.